What it can do for your business

The IBM® TS3200 tape library is well-suited for handling the backup, restore and archive data-storage needs for small to midsize environments. The tape library leverages the latest generation of LTO technology to help cost-effectively handle growing storage requirements. The TS3200—and its storage management applications—is designed to address capacity, performance, data protection, reliability, affordability and application requirements. The TS3200 is an excellent solution for large-capacity or high-performance tape backup with or without random access, as well as an excellent choice for tape automation.
IBM TS3200 Tape Library

Employ latest technology

Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology with up to four LTO™ Ultrium™ tape drives using a 4U form factor.

Provide high value

Gain outstanding capacity, performance and reliability for a cost-effective backup, restore and archive for small to midsize storage environments.

Simplify access

Features IBM Spectrum Archive™ with IBM Linear Tape File System™ technology for efficient user access to data stored on cartridges.

Manage remotely

Includes a standard web interface with flexibility and greater administrative control of storage operations.

Key Features

  • Designed to support LTO Ultrium 8, 7, 6, and 5 tape drives
  • Offers outstanding capacity, performance and reliability
  • Provides a flexible and affordable storage solution
  • Scale to your specifications
  • Get quick access to your data
  • Compatibility with new IBM LTO Ultrium 8 technology
  • Easy offsite management

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