Improve visibility, usability and performance

IBM® OMEGAMON® for z/OS® provides detailed monitoring and problem management for IBM Z® systems. Monitor and manage components such as Workload Manager, Coupling Facility, Cross System Coupling Facility (XCF), Global Enqueue, shared DASD and USS workload. IBM OMEGAMON for z/OS is designed to improve visibility, usability and performance to make managing these environments and components more efficient and effective. This solution can be purchased as part of IBM OMEGAMON Performance Management Suite for z/OS—a single tool set for the management of z/OS environments.

Boost performance

Discover root causes of performance impacts in near real time to increase availability.

Extend visibility

View an entire enterprise-wide environment from a single screen using an OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270 user interface.

Improve usability

Simplify installation, configuration and maintenance with self-describing agents and parameter library methodology and enhance productivity.

Reduce costs

Take advantage of the IBM OMEGAMON architecture for cloud support throughout hybrid environments to reduce software costs and the need for mainframe resources.

IBM OMEGAMON for z/OS features

  • Problem resolution
  • IBM OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270 user interface
  • Simplified installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Cloud support