Feature spotlights

Make practical, smart and shareable decisions

Validate and implement decisions based on analytics. Get practical results and drill-down for more detailed information. Select the views you want to see. Work with numerous tabular and graphical views, including pivot tables and Gantt charts. Define alternative what-if scenarios to test your decisions in an uncertain environment. Share scenarios more easily for collaborative decision making based on unified and consistent data.

Ability to accelerate app development

Work with an open, standards-based architecture to reduce the effort, time and risk associated with custom application development. Map enterprise databases into application data tables with ease. Configure sophisticated charts and graphs using pre-built templates. Use Optimization Programming Language (OPL), an IBM transparent modeling language, to specify the targets, limits and choices related to your business problem. Extend standard views and data transformations with custom Java code.

Flexible deployment architecture options

Select from standalone workstation, collaborative client/server or hybrid environments. Connect to enterprise data resources and execution systems easily.

Leverage CPLEX optimization

Work with IBM enterprise-class optimization solvers for enhanced powerful performance. Take advantage of the speed, high reliability and robustness of CPLEX optimizers to rapidly discover the optimal solutions for your planning and scheduling, supply chain and asset management problems. Make practical use of sophisticated analytics that have resulted from years of research and development by highly trained mathematicians.

Simplify with one platform

Use one platform or “center” to provide many solutions. Build and deploy multiple decision support applications using a consistent architecture and common design methodology. Take advantage of a growing library of industry-specific IBM assets to speed development of tailored solutions.

Understand worst-case scenarios

Use the Uncertainty Toolkit to enhance decision making with stochastic and robust optimization methods to create multiple uncertainty-aware plans. Reduce risk by hedging against worst-case outcomes, and optimizing expected outcomes. Use interactive visualization to compare KPIs and evaluate risk-reward trade-offs.

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