Automatically extracts data from text-based reports

Datawatch Report Mining Server (RMS) is a web-based analytics solution that automatically extracts data from text-based reports stored in IBM® Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) repositories, enabling dynamic report mining and analysis. RMS accesses the static corporate data stored in CMOD, transforming it into active data that can be filtered, sorted and aggregated with other content. Generate reports in many formats for effective research, analysis and planning with no user programming required.

Extracts data automatically

One click transformation of reports—extracts data automatically from Content Manager OnDemand into actionable formats.

Reduces time-to-value

Easy and quick deployment—reduces time-to-value when Content Manager OnDemand uses a IBM Content Navigator custom connector that is included with RMS.

Eliminates the need for ad-hoc reporting

Report analytics using RMS—eliminates the need for ad-hoc reporting, sub-reports or live database connectivity.

Eliminates costly data warehouses

Key data and report mining—eliminates the need for costly data marts and data warehouses with ad-hoc analysis, investigation and auditing capabilities of core corporate data.

Extends the usefulness of reports

Investment protection of legacy reporting systems—extends the usefulness of reports, reporting systems and document archives created using older technology.

Key reasons why you need Datawatch Report Mining Server

  • One click transformation of reports
  • Easy and quick deployment
  • Report analytics using RMS
  • Key data and report mining
  • Investment protection of legacy reporting systems

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