Feature spotlights

Any device, any time, any location

Support users any time and at any location, empowered by Watson. Our innovative support model integrates the service desk with analytics and Watson’s transformational cognitive capabilities.

Personalized user experience

Watson understands and learns from virtually every interaction and proposes new possibilities. This personalized user experience will continue to improve as Watson learns from each conversation.

Empower your users

Self-service, virtual or live agent: Put your users in charge of where, when and how they receive support, personalized for them. Downtime is reduced, and productivity increases.

Cognitive, continuous analytics

Watson analytics is enabled by continuous feedback across all user accounts, including clicks, time spent and task completion percentages, as well as non-explicit behavior to grade its responses for accuracy and quality. Semantic text analysis, which Watson uses to “understand” user commands, also informs the recommendations the Service Desk Advisor will give you to improve user experience and call accuracy, and reduce call volume.

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