What IBM DOS/VS RPG II can do for your business

IBM® Disk Operating System/Virtual Storage (DOS/VS) Report Program Generator (RPG) II is a programming language that can be used to create programs to perform a wide variety of commercial data processing jobs. Release 3 of IBM DOS/VS RPG II is an enhancement of the current DOS/VS RPG II Release 2 compiler mainly for interactive usage.

DOS/VS RPG II compiler support is available to allow RPG programs implemented for CICS/VSE V2.3 to run with CICS® Transaction Server for VSE/ESA (CICS TS) V1.1.1. The support enables translation, compilation and execution on z/VSE V4.1 and above.


Ability to migrate

Clients who stayed with CICS/VSE because of RPG can now migrate to CICS TS.

z/VSE support

DOS/VS RPG II support is available with z/VSE V4.3 as well as for z/VSE® V4.2 and V4.1 through additional PTFs.

Fixed blocked mode devices support

The DOS/VS RPG II compiler supports all fixed blocked mode devices, which are supported by the data management of VSE or SSX/VSE.