How you deploy and manage Infrastructure as a Service

The IBM® Cloud Infrastructure Center is an IaaS offering that provides a consistent, industry-standard user experience to define, instantiate, and manage the lifecycle of virtual infrastructure, deployment of images, and policies to maximize resource utilization.

It provides simplified infrastructure management for compute, network, and storage resources, and cloud deployments for IBM z/VM®-based Linux virtual machines that run on the IBM Z® and IBM LinuxONE platforms.

IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center

Simplified management

Efficient infrastructure management for compute, network, and storage resources.

Drive value faster

Benefit more quickly from the infrastructure resources by launching a virtual image from a library.

Cloud integration

Integrates seamlessly into hybrid and multicloud environments via OpenStack compatible APIs.

IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center features

  • Efficient infrastructure management
  • Industry-standard user experience
  • Integrate via OpenStack compatible APIs
  • Image management
  • Accelerate cloud deployment
  • SOD: IBM intends to deliver IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center