Enterprise class replication for Hadoop and object store

IBM® Big Replicate delivers continuous availability, performance and guaranteed data consistency. It replicates big data from lab to production, from production to disaster recovery sites or, from ground to cloud object stores governed by the most demanding business and regulatory requirements. The non-invasive technology replicates data as it streams in, eliminating the need for files to be fully written and closed before data transfer. Big Replicate offers flexible replication across supported Hadoop distributions and versions running on supported Hadoop compatible storage systems and object stores.

Increased data protection

Servers communicate through a firewall for remote replication to clusters in other data centers regardless of cluster growth, diminishing exposure to hacker attack.

Reduced hardware cost

Active-active replication, backup or recovery servers can be used for workload as fully consistent data is available across each cluster thereby, helping to increase capacity without increasing costs.

Deployment with minimal downtime

Dynamically add new clusters and data centers to live Hadoop or object store deployments with minimal downtime.

Key features

  • Flexible deployment
  • Deployed as a proxy server
  • No modifications to source code
  • Patented technology
  • Unifies Hadoop clusters