Meet the demands of your data-driven infrastructure

Improve the way you manage, protect and store data with IBM Spectrum Storage software, including software-defined storage (SDS) products for business needs large and small.

IBM Spectrum Storage Suite

With IBM Spectrum Storage Suite, you can manage data growth and prepare for the cloud with a bundled suite of SDS solutions at a predictable price based on attractive licensing options. By sharing the same easy-to-use interface, IBM Spectrum Storage Suite makes SDS deployment easier and more cost-effective than ever.

IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks

Bring enterprise data services to container environments with a flexible software-defined storage solution for hybrid cloud. IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks is based on members of the IBM Spectrum Storage family as well as open source offerings from Red Hat designed to simplify the deployment of IBM Cloud Paks while enabling a faster, more reliable way to modernize and move to the cloud.

Better data management with IBM Spectrum Storage software

Check out the extensive portfolio of IBM Spectrum Storage software products to help you with your SDS, general data management, and modern data protection needs.

Software-defined storage infrastructure

Grow your cloud securely

Manage data growth from under 100TB to many petabytes with ease. Gain leading data integrity and security, as well as native hybrid cloud options.

Manage data at scale

Optimize big data analytics and clustered applications with high-performance, scalable storage that enables global collaboration, simplifies workflows and lowers costs with cloud tiering.

Build your hybrid multicloud

Add hybrid cloud capability to on-premises storage from  IBM and others.  Mirror between on-premises and cloud data centers for DR, DevOps, and more.

Management solutions

Gain comprehensive infrastructure management

Manage your infrastructure efficiently for software-defined, virtual, physical, file, and object storage. Easily transition to new workloads and infrastructures using predictive analytics.

Optimize storage infrastructure

Manage complexity, optimize cost, and streamline support, all from IBM Cloud. Benefit from proven IBM data management leadership and AI technologies from IBM Research.

Curate and classify unstructured data

Identify and catalog unstructured and backup data to easily find the data you need for analytics, governance and storage optimization.

Modern data protection solutions

Protect data as you scale

Scalable data protection for physical file servers, applications, and virtual environments.  IBM Spectrum Protect™ allows you to scale up to manage billions of objects per backup server and to reduce backup infrastructure costs.

Rapidly recover and reuse data

Unlock the value of your data by improving the quality and speed of development, testing, and analytics. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus™ is a modern data protection solution that provides near-instant recovery, replication, retention, and reuse.

Archive data quickly and efficiently

Get the lowest-cost reliable data storage, as well as the protection of air gap with simplified tape access and the rapid deployment of SDS.

Modernize copy data management

Make copies available to data consumers when and where they need them, without creating unnecessary copies or leaving unused copies on valuable storage. Deploys as a virtual machine in about 15 minutes.

Optimize your data with Spectrum Storage solutions for AI

Data pipelines are crucial to AI, and IBM Spectrum Storage for AI gives you the shortest path from ingest to insights for your AI data pipeline. Optimize every stage of your end-to-end AI data pipeline for faster time to actionable insights.

Data-driven innovation for world-changing research

"Breakthroughs in a range of fields are happening all the time at the university. Underpinning all of this pioneering innovation, IBM Spectrum Storage solutions make sure that the data is there, whenever our researchers need it.”

— Simon Thompson, Research Computing Infrastructure Architect, University of Birmingham

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