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Traditional storage can’t respond to the complex process of digital transformation – where familiar on-premises environments give way to new hybrid cloud deployments — as quickly as you need and within the budget you can afford. That’s where software-defined storage comes in.

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Software-defined storage gives you the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and agility you need to enable your data-driven, multicloud enterprise.

Software-defined storage solutions

Software-defined storage software

Software-defined storage management

Manage data growth and prepare for the cloud with a bundled suite of SDS solutions.

Software-defined storage for Red Hat OpenShift

Bring enterprise data services to container environments with a flexible SDS solution for hybrid cloud.

Software-defined architecture

Software-defined storage for AI and data

Enable AI workloads and consolidate primary and secondary big data storage with industry-leading, cost-effective object storage.

Software-defined storage server

More easily deploy fast, highly scalable storage for AI and big data using simple building blocks.

Software-defined storage services

IBM Systems Lab Services offers infrastructure services to help you build the foundation for today’s hybrid cloud and enterprise IT data centers.

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Software-defined data centers

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