Storage infrastructure solutions for mainframe

By combining IBM mainframe storage with IBM Z you can run the highest-volume, most business-critical workloads while maintaining absolute security and cyber resiliency.

Can your business survive a data breach?

million average total cost of a data breach¹


billion compromised data records in the first half of 2018²


increase in breaches in 2018 over 2017²

Cyber resilient storage infrastructure solutions

IBM Storage leverages proven technologies and approaches—like mainframe storage—to create and implement cyber resilience solutions that help 21st-century businesses thrive.


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IBM has a comprehensive portfolio of cyber resiliency solutions designed to help organizations reduce the risk of business disruption and financial losses due to user errors, malicious destruction or ransomware attacks.

Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC

IBM expertise can help you become more resilient

With a plan in place, you can achieve:


reduction in the mean time to identify a breach.¹



reduction in the mean time to contain a breach.¹



reduction in the mean time to recover from a breach.¹

IBM Storage gives you the storage resiliency to defend against cyberattack

Rapid recovery is critical to cyber resilience. When disaster or a cyberattack strikes, you need to be able to maintain mission-critical business operations, rapidly recover your IT, and minimize its any business impact.

Check out the solutions that can keep you resilient in the face of a breach.

IBM DS8000 Safeguard Copy

Provides a maximum of 500 immutable copies of production data that allow customers to recover from cyber breaches, user errors, and malicious data.


IBM Tape Air Gap protection

Tape cartridges are only accessible when mounted in a drive. This “offline by design” nature of Tape defines the “Tape Air Gap” and provides one of the most secure ways to protect and confront cybercrime.


IBM Transparent Cloud Tiering (TCT)

Helps reduce CAPEX and OPEX by enabling hybrid cloud as an additional storage tier for data archiving, long term retention and data protection, with access to extended storage capacity.

IBM Modern Data Protection

To implement efficient Cyber Resilience strategies, IBM storage uses Modern Data Protection capabilities with rapid recovery. This to helps customers continuously deliver the intended outcomes despite adverse cyber events.

IBM helps make Puerto Rico resilient by protecting vital government services from natural disasters

After the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico deployed a continuous availability solution based on IBM Z technology underpinned by IBM storage DS8880 and TS7760, ensuring it maximizes uptime and can resume operations quickly if disaster strikes.

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