Why IBM Power Systems on Cloud?

IBM Power Systems have a reputation for reliability, security and longevity. So there’s a very good chance that yours is still going strong after years of faithful service. So why change it? After all, why fix what isn’t broken? In a word — cloud. The cloud has revolutionised the way organisations operate. Many products and services that were once bought, installed, maintained, upgraded and managed on your premises are now available virtually. IBM Power Systems is one of them — with IBM Power Systems on Cloud. It’s perfect for when you want to offer products, services and solutions that your existing platform wasn’t built to offer. Or when your current infrastructure can’t keep pace with competitor and market demands.

Why IBM Power Systems on Cloud?

The benefits of IBM Power Systems on Cloud

Offering a secure platform and enabling productive use of existing IT resources, Power Systems on Cloud helps organisations thrive in a rapidly evolving business climate, by providing improved asset utilisation, flexibility and responsiveness over traditional infrastructure, whilst reducing complexity.

Work smarter and faster, with greater agility

Provision in minutes, vastly reducing downtime costs

Pay for only what you use

Increase/decrease resource as you need it

Avoid having to re-platform

IBM Power Systems on Cloud Business Partners

IBM Power Systems on Cloud Business Partner Program provides you with a full end-to-end service. Supporting on-premise, hybrid and off-premise hosting solutions, the program enables you to develop your hosting strategy, with the reassurance of technical back-up from specialist IBM-accredited Partners. To qualify, Partners must provide IBM Power System on Cloud capabilities to an extremely high standard, 24/7 support and high availability options for end user customers.

Our IBM Power Systems on Cloud Business Partners

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