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Insurers face competing pressures to innovate and control costs. Which technology will provide return on investment, low cost of ownership and data security, while meeting changing customer expectations?

While we offer our leading solutions stand-alone, we’re also bringing them to the IBM Insurance Platform. Explore below some of our most popular offerings including analytics, AI, cloud, security, RPA and blockchain. We’re here to help you modernize at lower cost, meet regulatory requirements and exceed customer expectations.

Disruptive innovation
Insurance industry platforms and blockchain are changing the way insurers do business, respond to customer expectations and develop new product offerings.

Risk and compliance
Insurers need a defense strategy to predict where the next attack could occur. No longer just a problem for the CSO, security is a key concern for the board and CEO.

Operational efficiency
Core modernization, AI and cloud are components of form solutions, like fraud prevention, which engineer competitive advantage for insurers.

Focus on customers
Improve engagement and customer experience with AI for virtual agent, call center and mobile solutions.

Insights on Insurance

Our industry platforms are designed in collaboration with our clients and partners and intended to dramatically improve traditional business models using deep industry expertise and advanced technologies such as AI, cloud and blockchain.

Bridget van Kralingen, Senior Vice President of IBM Industry Platforms,


Case study
At Amica Mutual Insurance Company, claims adjusters can work on 100 assignments at a time.  Find out how Amica achieves 25%-50% productivity gains.

Research report
Will platforms create a two-speed insurance market? All insurers see the potential disruption, yet only outperformers are reacting.

Compliance does not guarantee security. Learn from this webcast to build risk strategies that help you navigate new security and regulatory requirements for insurance companies.

Digital transformation in insurance: Data is the new natural resource.

White paper
Innovation in insurance: Profit by focusing innovation on decision-making.

Insurers work with intermediaries to reach customers. Is that changing?

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The IBM Insurance Platform a cloud-based, security-rich platform that supports modernization across your business.

Insurance Platform for Group Benefits 
Operate group benefits insurance on a security-rich, integrated cloud platform that supports day-to-day operations. Use variable-cost and flexible business models and equip yourself with new technology to reach new markets.

IBM Cloud for Financial Services 
IBM Cloud for Financial Services is an integrated platform of APIs and a 3rd-party ecosystem to build, operate, and monetize next generation financial services apps.


Analytics Platform 
Collect, organize and analyze your data, uncovering AI-driven insights that improve business processes and ideas that drive game-changing outcomes while enabling compliance.

Leverage Weather Solutions for Insurance and strengthen policyholder relationships by providing risk prevention, beyond simple claims payment.

Core systems

Replace, modernize or transform the primary systems that process and issue insurance policies.

Robotics Process Automation

Implement technology without altering infrastructure and systems. IBM Robotics Process Automation gives any work process that is definable, repeatable and rules-based the ability to map out a business process and assign a software robot to manage the execution.

Core Insurance-on-Cloud

Core Insurance Platforms integrated with cognitive and non-cognitive assets, offered as-a-service in partnership with leading product vendors.

Intelligent insurance

Read “Cognitive decision-making in insurance – from art to science” and learn how to quickly gather accurate data to help make smarter decisions for all your critical operations.

IBM Z for insurance

Insurers balance managing security risk, complying with changing regulations while delivering personalized digital experiences. The right infrastructure can simplify compliance, provide world-class security, lower costs and meet demand for innovation.

Risk management and security

Harness the AI capabilities of Watson to transform risk, compliance and financial management.

Cost Takeout

IBM experience in deploying global, security-enhanced infrastructures, integrating AI computing, IT transformation with financial and risk sharing techniques - translates to significant cost takeout.

Cyber Security

IBM Security for Insurance delivers security intelligence, integration and expertise to safeguard your business and protect against cyber security threats.

Hybrid Cloud Security

IBM Hybrid Cloud Security for Insurance provides a unique set of capabilities including: IBM Promontory regulatory services, cloud security, Watson for regulatory compliance and managed services for security.

Cognitive Outside Counsel Insights

Realize the cost savings associated with assessing and negotiating legal expenses for outside counsel services with IBM Cognitive Outside Counsel Insights, available both as a SaaS model or on-premises deployment.

Sales and customer engagement

Exceed customer expectations, operate more efficiently and find a new competitive edge.

Cognitive Virtual Agent

Use the power of AI to provide robust self-service capabilities for insurance company clients, producers and staff. Whether answering policy, claims, service, billing or other inquiries, IBM Cognitive Virtual Agent offers a solution beyond the capabilities of chatbot and FAQ tools.

Watson Customer Engagement

Use the power of AI and Watson to create more connected, contextual and efficient policy-holder relationships.

Natural Language Processing

Harness AI to improve an insurance company's ability to service customer needs and expectations by enhancing all interactions, providing timely, accurate, complete and consistent information and advice.

Sales Performance Management

Revolutionize legacy incentive compensation systems with Incentive Compensation Management to bring flexibility, speed and accuracy in the calculation, payment and reporting of compensation.

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