IBM announces its intent to acquire Bluetab, extending its portfolio of data and cloud services and further advancing IBM’s hybrid cloud and AI strategy.¹


Empower your organization to become a data-driven enterprise with greater access to data and insights. Integrate enterprise data build  digital, operational, analytical, data science and AI models, and to automate processes using intelligent workflows.

IBM Consulting™ helps organizations with data strategy, consulting, architecture, transformation on cloud, and management services to realize virtual enterprise vision. IBM helps deploy data science, predictive analytics and data visualization to gain insights for better decision making.


Build a modern data architecture with data fabric


Simplify data access for self-service consumption by connecting data and applications across a hybrid multicloud environment, as 80% of orgs face.

Scale data practices to scale AI


Get most value from AI with the right data integration, governance and tools as 50% businesses unclear of AI data needs, and struggle with data complexities.

Foster competitive advantage with data-led innovation


Champion new ideas to scale as 78% of CTOs say data-driven discovery with customers and ecosystem partners positively impact the society.

Data and analytics consulting

Virtual enterprise data strategy

Design data strategy to support your virtual enterprise business strategy. Configure and extend data for all functional use-cases, including transactional analytics and reporting, data science, digital and operational.

Data fabric

Become a data-driven organization and put your data to work as a competitive advantage with data fabric architecture. Provide users access to the right data at the right time regardless of where it resides.

Data modernization

Transform your data to cloud environments – IBM Cloud®, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform — to support application modernization, drive cloud adoption at scale and build data fabric architecture.

Advanced analytics and machine learning

Empower your business with the latest advances in AI, machine learning and automation to support the full data science lifecycle — from preparing and exploring data to building, deploying, managing and monitoring models.

Visualization at scale

Transform critical data from supply chain, finance, talent and sustainability data into valuable insights using visualization tools such as Salesforce Tableau, IBM® Cognos® and Microsoft Power BI.

Climate risk and sustainability

Deploy data rich business platforms built with digital tools and advanced analytics to identify, manage, and report on physical, transition and liability risk, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and operational resiliency.

Capabilities to power your digital transformation

IBM Garage™ brings together designers, architects, developers and data scientists to envision and scale new ideas with your team. The resulting open architecture includes all the enabling technology needed, such as hybrid and multicloud, data and AI, as well as all the ecosystem partners IBM Consulting has expertise in like Oracle, SAP and Salesforce.


Digital insights

Build a data platform for analytical, operational and digital processes while reducing data management operating costs. Using IBM Digital Insights, capture, store, analyze and take action on data from proprietary and third-party sources.

Digital integration for intelligent workflows

a man and a woman talking in a industrial plant

Integrate data from multiple enterprise applications such as SAP, Workday, Salesforce as well as from documents to build intelligent workflows.

Data visualization

Electrical circuits

Transform critical data into valuable insights with analytical and visualization capabilities that impact business strategy and planning.

Business intelligence

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Identify actionable information from raw data, facilitate data-driven decision-making to gain vital insights for your business.

Advanced analytics and ML

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Empower your business with the latest advances in AI, machine learning and automation to support the full data science lifecycle — from preparing and exploring data to building, deploying, managing and monitoring models.

Quantum computing

Start preparing for the quantum era. Explore quantum use cases to dramatically speed up complicated calculations in order to address complex business problems in financial services, manufacturing, and chemicals and petroleum.

Weather and sustainability analytics

Combine weather data with business and customer analytics to better understand consumers’ daily actions and support smarter decision-making for your business.

Marketing analytics

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Get a more accurate picture of your customers’ needs and wants to drive customer satisfaction and determine ROI of marketing efforts.

Active information governance

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Establish a governance and framework for data quality, standards, privacy and security protocols to enable organizations to leverage data as a shared asset. Actively manage data quality throughout the lifecycle of data.

Case studies

Bouygues Telecom

Partnering with IBM, Bouygues Telecom co-designed custom data and AI architecture on AWS to operationalize and scale AI and machine learning across the organization.



Delfi built a data lake to unify data from multiple sources including SAP and an advanced visualization dashboard using Salesforce Tableau to drive smarter decisions for their financial and sales operations

UK Ministry of Defense

The UK Ministry of Defense centralized finance data with robust data governance practices and deployed data visualization tools that improved operational efficiency and decision making.

Technology partners

Microsoft Azure

IBM helps clients tailor a highly-secure hybrid multicloud journey to Microsoft Azure, including application development, migration, modernization and management.


As a premier AWS consulting partner, IBM helps clients accelerate adoption of AWS Cloud for data, analytics and AI.

Google Cloud

IBM brings expertise, methods and accelerators to build the right data foundation and deliver scalable data pipeline on Google Cloud.

Salesforce Tableau

Enable seamless integration between the Salesforce Tableau platform and IBM big data and analytics solutions to integrate data, unlock insights and co-create innovation at scale.


Unlock the value of data and leverage AI to deliver real-time, personalized experiences for your customers with Adobe Experience Platform.


20th C-Suite Study: Build your trust advantage with data

Learn what business leaders think about technology trends, business priorities, and how organizations can thrive in a post-pandemic reality.

Data and AI virtual forums

Experience client stories, hear from industry leaders, connect with IBM executives and experts, and understand how IBM is helping you accelerate your journey to AI.

Forrester webinar on data

Discover how to realize business value with next-generation data platforms.

¹ The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions including regulatory clearance and is expected to close in the third quarter of 2021.