What is Watson Discovery?

Watson Discovery is a cloud native insight engine that combines ingestion, storage, and data enrichment using Natural Language Processing to extract insights from structured and unstructured data using AI powered queries.

What languages does Watson Discovery support?

Watson Discovery supports 11 languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Languages are added frequently, please check the documentation for the most recent list.

How are Watson Discovery, Watson Natural Language Understanding, and Watson Knowledge Studio related?

All three products can be used independently of one another. Natural Language Understanding is a best of breed text analytics service that can be integrated into an existing data pipeline. Watson Discovery incorporates Natural Language Understanding, but also offers storage of data with multiple ingestion options and provides the opportunity of powerful queries to extract insights, serving as a powerful cloud native insight engine. Watson Knowledge Studio can be used with both Discovery and Natural Language Understanding to customize text extraction of entities and relations using machine learning models.

In what ways can I customize Discovery?

Discovery provides many ways to add customization. You can accomplish this by customizing your NLP, customizing your relevancy model, and customizing your ingestion pipeline.

Where can I deploy Watson Discovery?

Watson Discovery is available to be deployed on public cloud and premium platforms in the following data centers US South, US East, Sydney, and Germany. Deployment options are added frequently, please check the documentation.

Where can I find information about compliance standards, security and encryption on the Watson Platform?

Public deployment will adhere to the same security standards as the rest of the Watson Developer Cloud public services. Premium and dedicated deployment options are now available with their own security standards. Security and encryption information for the Watson platform can be found here.

How do Discovery and Assistant work together?

Watson Discovery can be used with Watson Assistant where it's able to extend Watson Assistant based applications to find answers when modeled intents are insufficient to cover the breadth of possible questions.

How do I extend the capabilities of Discovery such as searching for an image or content within an audio file?

Discovery has a robust set of APIs and can be easily integrated with other Watson products including Assistant, Knowledge Studio, Speech to text, and many more.

What if I have more than a million documents?

We have a variety of plans for all sizes. Contact sales if you are above 100 million.

How does Discovery incorporate AI?

All Watson products have a variety of built in AI. Discovery uses AI when it comes to optimizing your relevancy, natural language processing, and more.

What is Watson Discovery News' data source?

Watson Discovery News leverages a 3rd party news feed as the source of news content. We do not disclose the name of the 3rd party vendor to clients.

How can I calculate pricing based off of my usage?

Please visit our pricing calculator here which gives a monthly estimate of your costs based on the plan you choose.

How can I upgrade my plan?

Please visit the Discovery subscription page here, which provides the opportunity to upgrade your plan.

How does the new Discovery pricing impact my account?

There is no action required from you. Your billing and usage beginning August 1st 2018 will be calculated based on the new pricing. Learn more about what has actually changed with pricing here.

Is enrichment done on the full size of a doc (i.e. 50 MB) or is there any limitation there?

Yes, enrichment only occurs on the first 50,000 characters of the document. If your documents are longer, then consider document segmentation.

Does the new pricing consider storage anymore? Is it only based on the number of Discovery docs?

There is still a physical storage limit you can hit, however you will be allocated an amount of storage that is sufficient for 98% of customers with that number of documents. You are not guaranteed to be able to fit in the maximum number of documents.