VPC data center locations

Generation 1
• 6 multi-zone regions
• Can be deployed to DAL, WDC, FRA, TOK, LON or SYD regions
Generation 2
• 4 multi-zone regions
• Can be deployed to DAL, WDC, LON, TOK and FRA regions


Generation 1
• Up to 16 Gbps network bandwidth per instance
• Can be provisioned in minutes
• Improved network performance
Generation 2
• Up to 80 Gbps network bandwidth per instance
• Much faster provisioning times


Generation 1
• Provider managed or BYOK: block storage with provider managed or BYOK (bring your own key) encryption only
Generation 2
• Provider managed or BYOK: block storage with provider managed or BYOK encryption keys, with the ability to map volumes to encryption keys and rotate those keys


Starting at USD 0.087 per hour.

  • Use IBM Cloud® Virtual Servers for VPC to quickly provision scalable compute resources that match your workload requirements.
  • Create virtual server instances (VSIs) with your choice of Intel x86 processor architecture for dynamic application and software needs.
  • Each processor architecture provides a set of predefined instance profiles optimized for your specific performance and memory needs.
  • Take advantage of custom encrypted images for sensitive workloads.

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Close-up of an operational rack of servers
Workers moving storage volumes out of a server room


Starting at USD 0.12 per GB.

  • Upon provisioning an IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC instance a 100 GB general-purpose input/output operations per second (IOPS) or 3 IOPS per gigabyte block storage volume is created automatically as a primary boot volume and attached to the instance.
  • You can create block storage volumes when you provision a VSI in a VPC network or create new volumes independent of the VSI lifecycle.
  • When provisioning additional block storage for your VPC, you can:

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  • Security is integrated into IBM Cloud VPC at the instance (VSI or virtual server) level and at the subnet level, which means protection is an inherent part of this solution.
  • At the instance level, security groups act as virtual firewalls to protect applications and other resources associated with the subnet.
  • On the subnet level, network access control lists (ACLs) function as firewalls for subnet protection.
  • You can use security groups, ACLs or both types of security controls available for VPCs to attain a more granular level of security.

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Technician working on connections in a large rack of servers
Several racks of servers, shown from the back


  • Quickly modernize your virtual compute resources with fast provisioning and network speeds in the latest release of the IBM developer-friendly VPC infrastructure. IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC now deliver improved network performance, which means you can push far more data in far less time.
  • More bandwidth for applications on a superior public platform, and with this latest release, VSIs provision significantly faster.
  • Ability to create multiple virtual private clouds in multi-zone regions available globally, subnets in different zones, IP address range selection, virtual firewalls, (security groups and network ACLs), site-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs) and load balancing as a service (LBaaS) with elasticity.

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