Why private cloud?

Private cloud offers the benefits of a public cloud, including rapid deployment and scalability plus ease of use and elasticity, but private cloud gives organizations greater control, increased performance, predictable costs, tighter security and flexible management options. A private cloud allows companies to customize their environments according to their unique needs and security requirements.

Private cloud benefits

icon representing control and security of private cloud

Control and security

Meet strict needs with more resource control and data isolation

Icon representing speed and scalability of private cloud

Speed and scalability

Quickly deploy and scale resources to meet fluctuating demands

Icon representing speed and scalability of private cloud

End-to-end development

Build and test in a protected environment that mirrors the production environment

The IBM perspective: IBM Cloud Private

Many organizations have heard about the promise of cloud to help their teams deliver faster and meet demands, but they feel constrained by regulatory and legal requirements. IBM believes that you do not have to choose between cloud and security. We have released IBM Cloud Private to give you the power of cloud while protecting your resources — without compromise.

Whether optimizing traditional apps and services or creating new cloud-native microservices, your teams benefit from a private cloud built with an enterprise focus on speed, flexibility, control and intelligence along with access to modern cloud services. A self-service catalog enables them to automate the deployment, integration and management of applications and services at the push of a button.


View the architecture diagram (PDF, 269 KB)

The platform

The core platform is built on Kubernetes, the industry-leading container orchestration platform that works across private, dedicated and public clouds. IBM Cloud delivers a choice of open source application runtimes, Kubernetes and containers or Cloud Foundry. Clients can choose the prescriptive development approach of Cloud Foundry, or the more customizable and portable approach of Kubernetes and Docker containers.

A core set of management services for the application runtime frameworks and the applications being developed is included as part of the platform.  Some examples include logging, monitoring, access control and event management.  Customers can use these management tools integrated with the platform out-of-the-box. If needed, these tools can be integrated with enterprise instances, so that all of the management needs are operationalized from one location.


Image listing the components of the IBM Cloud Private core platform: infrastructure, management services, data services

Software and services

Application services are runtimes, middleware, data and other services that can be added to cloud-native applications or connected to existing applications. IBM Cloud Private makes it easy to stand up an elastic runtime that is based on a variety of workloads. Built in are both open source and IBM middleware and databases that enterprises need to build applications quickly and securely. 

Along with capabilities to build and run enterprise workloads, IBM Cloud Private delivers enhanced support to run CPU-intensive capabilities like machine learning or data analytics quickly by taking advantage of GPU clusters.

All of these application services have been built or re-imagined for cloud-native workloads and are informed by IBM’s long history and experience with enterprise workloads.

Graphic showing the types of software and services that come with IBM Cloud Private

Management services

Automation content and orchestration covers a set of offerings that allows customers to create, run and manage their private cloud and private cloud applications.

IBM offers a range of automation content and orchestration offerings including multicloud DevOps toolchains and hybrid cloud operations management capabilities that support and enhance a client’s private cloud environment.

Graphic showing the hybrid cloud management services that come with IBM Cloud Private

Get started

Empower your teams to build cloud-native apps or modernize existing ones in a robust private cloud environment behind your firewall.