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Improve Business Growth with AI-Powered Automation

March 24, 2021  11:00 CET


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Learn how cloud and AI-powered automation transform telco operations


Everything you need to meet your network automation requirements

Normalized lifecycle modeling

Standardize operations for all xNFs to enable model-driven automation with CI/CD toolchains.

Intent-driven orchestration

Model the desired service operational state rather than pre-programming workflows.

Service design and testing

Automate services and underlying resources for test, preproduction and production environments.

Dynamic service assurance

Get a real-time view of telco cloud infrastructures using AI to drive decisions and process automation.

Closed-loop operations

Automate feedback loops between assurance and orchestration to enable zero-touch operations.

AI and machine learning

Gain insight across complex datasets to automate diagnostics, detect anomalies and initiate runbooks.

A common foundation

IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation is built on a shared automation foundation

Use shared automation services to get insight into how processes run. Visualize issues, pinpoint fixes and prioritize actions.

Process mining

Create a visual representation of the data flowing through your business and pinpoint bottlenecks in your operations.

Automation insights

Draw on advanced AI and analytics to create a baseline that you’ll use to track key performance indicators (KPIs) over time.

Robotic process automation

Use attended and unattended bots to build robust automations that augment the work done by your human workforce.


We offer software, services and consulting — and it's all cloud-agnostic. Choose what works for you.

Move forward on your own

Gain a security-rich path to the cloud by buying only what you need from this or other IBM Cloud Pak containerized software solutions.

Move forward with some help

Work alongside our experts to assess your portfolio, implement quick, agile change and help set the course for your network automation future.

Move forward by letting us do it for you

Focus on innovation and keep existing resources in place by letting our IBM Services® experts manage your ongoing network automation needs.

Client story

IBM Ecosystem Partners

Our ecosystem partners can help you with tailored solutions for telco cloud network automation

Juniper Networks

IBM and Juniper Networks join forces to drive cloud-native, 5G and AI adoption.

Palo Alto Networks

IBM and Palo Alto Networks help automate multi-access edge computing and facilitate security.


IBM and Altiostar partner on Open RAN/vRAN to power 5G networks.

Next steps

Get ready to deliver new 5G and edge computing services faster while reducing your operational costs.

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