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Unlock immediate value and lower application costs

The legacy applications at the center of your business are a quick path to ROI. They also tend to be teeming with hidden complexity — and full of risk. To navigate this complexity within your IT portfolio, you need a strategy: one that adapts to business requirements, manages risks, addresses security concerns and knows how to handle your legacy applications. IBM is one of the few companies that can address every part of your portfolio because of our history of hardware, our investments in cloud and our dependable middleware. What’s more, our consultants have the expertise to both plan and execute. Working with you, we can develop an ROI-driven roadmap that will transform your applications into a cloud-enabled portfolio that is optimized for cost savings.

Modernize applications quickly and seamlessly across your entire environment

To scale your ROI, you'll need leverage that can only come from changes to your architecture. Today, that generally means containerizing workloads for deployment on-premises and across multiple clouds. Ideally, it’s all built on open software (like Linux and Kubernetes) so you can avoid lock-in, with a common control plane (Red Hat® OpenShift®) that scales services as needed. We also generally recommend a self-service DevOps environment for CI/CD (like UrbanCode) so your team can minimize bureaucracy while remaining compliant with internal policies. We're especially comfortable working in highly regulated industries with demanding availability and disaster recovery requirements: banking, healthcare, transportation, energy and manufacturing. That's one of the reasons why 47 of the Fortune 50 trust us with their clouds.¹

Case studies

American Airlines fixed rebooking in


with a microservices-based app that gives customers control and reduces calls.

Etihad Airways co-created web check-in process in


from start to finish. It’s already serving 5,700 boarding passes per day.

Deutsche Bank cut end-to-end app dev to


from 6 – 9 months, using Red Hat OpenShift to simplify DevOps collaboration.

Improve time to market and digital readiness with proven practices

“Executives don’t want to go on a three-year journey unless you can deliver value along the way. Using agile practices on IBM Cloud, we moved at a speed never before seen in this company,” says Takhliq Hanif, head of group enterprise architecture at Etihad Airways.²

IBM brings together designers, developers and IT stakeholders to quickly create and scale new ideas that can drive ROI using a bold approach that we call IBM Garage. At the center is a set of proven agile practices that spur culture change with scale. We work alongside your team to implement real change in two-to-four-week agile sprints — making small, regular, tangible progress so you can see results faster.

Alan Webber of IDC says, "A core strength of IBM is turning innovation and ideas into value."³ Fast Company just named IBM a Most Innovative Company for our Garage methods.⁴ And Forrester found our design thinking can generate three times the ROI.⁵

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