Groundbreaking technology from new, fully self-operating ship inspires innovation for your business.

The maritime research vessel Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) is a first-of-its-kind unmanned ship powered by IBM solutions. On its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, it will commemorate the original Mayflower pioneers by safely navigating the ocean’s hazards – with zero human intervention. Additionally, the AI Captain will gather and process critical ocean data on the impact of climate change and pollution. These groundbreaking insights will help marine experts better understand how we can protect our oceans, today and into the future.

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Discover how the Mayflower Autonomous Ship will self-navigate across Oceans.


Turn AI aspirations into tangible business outcomes

The Mayflower navigates the ocean and processes gathered data with zero human intervention. Its intelligent workflows are predictive, automated, agile, and transparent. By making workflows smarter, you too can increase the confidence and speed in how decisions are made. This, in turn, will help you create more meaningful experiences for customers and employees.


Bring AI-powered automation to life in your business

The Mayflower courageously goes where no AI has gone before, pushing the limits of autonomous navigation. Its AI-powered automation shows you don’t have to start your digital transformation from scratch. Explore how pre-built workflows can bring automation to life in your business workflows and IT operations.

Thrive in the face of uncertainty

The Mayflower needs to adhere to the rules and regulations of the sea. At the same time, the AI Captain needs to make informed decisions on its own to safely navigate the ocean’s hazards. Just like the Mayflower, your business deserves to thrive in the face of uncertainty. Put zero trust into action with a future-proof, open approach to security that is aligned with your business priorities.

Optimize the core, unlock the legacy and build new digital capabilities

High-powered, on-shore computers trained Mayflower’s AI models. This infrastructure significantly accelerated the development and training of the complex vision models. Are your current critical applications, operations, and processes hindering your ability to pivot when conditions require it? Infrastructure modernization is a critical component of digital transformation. Find the systems that give you the flexibility you need for on-premises IT or hybrid cloud applications.

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Through combined effort, anything is possible

The Mayflower project unites a diverse set of voices and technologies. At IBM, we aim to drive exponential impact through close partnerships, breakthrough thinking and swift applications. Becoming a virtual enterprise requires you to rethink the way you operate and how your ecosystem can support your goals. Let’s clear the way for continuous business and technology innovation.


Start your voyage

Are you inspired by the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS)? Curious to find out more about how innovation and technologies such as AI, automation, edge and cloud computing drive marine exploration and shipping? Start your voyage today with IBM Garage! Together, we help you innovate at startup speed and enterprise scale.

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