Top pick for Line of Business Leader

Are you unsure on how to start the modernization of your application landscape?

This session looks at the different steps IBM is recommending for a smooth journey.

Top picks for IT Architect

SaaS, PaaS ... your modernization strategy and pitfalls to be aware of

This session will cover where the industry currently finds itself in the adoption of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Run anywhere? Open and secure? Consumable? Scalable?

Learn more which six IBM Cloud Paks cover key workloads and give you an open, faster, more reliable way to modernize and accelerate your move to the cloud or on premises.

Edge - Process and act on data wherever it's created

Learn how this proximity to data at its source can deliver strong business benefits: faster insights, improved response times and better bandwidth availability.

Why an open, hybrid cloud architecture is essential to your customer’s experience

Now more than ever, customers are relying on digital interactions with businesses, expecting them to be seamless and secure.

Managed by IBM Cloud, run on your infra!

The newest addition to IBM’s hybrid cloud offerings provides a public cloud extension to private cloud location.

Top pick for IT Manager

VMware and the IBM Public Cloud

When and how can your enterprise-grade applications make the step into cloud using the unique combination of VMware and IBM Public Cloud?

Top picks for Enterprise Data Architect

Digital Transformation Drivers: AI and Hybrid Cloud

Hear the implication of an Hybrid Cloud Strategy and how successful companies are unlocking the value of their data to put AI to work.

Rethinking the Mayflower: Powered by AI and the energy from the sun

ProMare's Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) promises to transform ocean science, enabling scientists to gather the data they need to understand critical issues.

How IBM DataOps accelerates the journey to AI with Automation

This session depicts the value of DataOps to organizations and shows how IBM DataOps and the  built-in AI automates the processes.

A brief History of AI

After this session, you will have more insight in what AI means and which techniques and possibilities have been used in the past and are used today.

Top pick for Customer Service

Humanizing Customer Service

Learn more on the role of bots in digital customer care and customer service, sharing lessons learn from their various experience and best practices.

Top pick for Business Process Owner

Infuse AI in your Business Process

Build resiliency with automation and AI. Discover how automation infused with AI can change the way work gets done.

Top pick for IT Operation Leader

AI for IT Operations. How learning from the past saves a lot of time in the future

Learn how to leverage of the shelf AI capabilities with Watson AIOps Manager and how its story telling saves you time and resources.

More topic sessions

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