Explore data protection and recovery strategies to respond to increasingly targeted and malicious attacks.

Is your data center equipped to deal with disruptive change?

With all the pressure to innovate and digitally transform your business, what do you do when your data center can’t keep up? Aging data centers were not built to scale up and keep pace with the rapid cloud adoption and growing workload demands. Your data center is likely challenged by things that didn’t exist when the data center was built—and will continue to face challenges that don’t exist today. With ever-increasing workloads and the risk of cyber attacks and disruption, robust, scalable and resilient data center infrastructure is key to meeting the demands of an innovative, always-on world.

IBM can help take the guesswork out of future-ready data center planning. Whether you’re looking to modernize your existing data center or planning a new data center from scratch, data center solutions from IBM can help you build and transform your data centers to sustain growth, reduce risk and transition seamlessly to a modern data center that is optimized for cloud. IBM experts will work with you to overcome challenges related to your data center management, data center strategy and planning, developing a business continuity plan, ensuring your data center is security-rich and more. Prepare your data center for the future, no crystal ball required.

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Transform your data center to seamlessly respond to IT complexities from the evolution of cloud and edge computing

Design reliable, robust and resilient data centers with IBM Cloud Modular Data Center Services.

Services offered

Cabling and Connectivity Services

Increase data center efficiency and reduce cost with scalable, flexible advanced cabling technology from IBM.

Cloud Resiliency Application and IT Discovery

Automate your data center consolidation and migrations through logical IT discovery of applications, data and IT equipment.

Data Center Consolidation and Relocation

Migrate applications, data and IT equipment between data centers while reducing risk and unplanned outages.

Data Center Design and Construction

Right-size the capacity, resiliency and efficiency of your data center.

Data Center Operations and Management

Provide a highly-optimized command center and robust data center infrastructure management services to reduce complexity and improve overall operational efficiency.

Data Center Strategy

Rationalize your data center portfolio to address availability, adaptability and efficiency requirements.

IBM Prefabricated Modular Data Center

Rapidly deploy a flexible, agile, scalable and compact modular data center with flexible configurations and preconfigured cloud designs at virtually any location around the world.

IBM Services Data Center Advisor with Watson

Improve infrastructure reliability and efficiency, and optimize cost of operation with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for data center operations and management.

Our technology services are powered by IBM Services Platform with Watson™

Run your infrastructure with an IT platform that has the ability to make autonomous decisions and uses data to manage the operations that keep your environment healthy, always-on and continually optimized.

Meet IBM Business Resiliency Services experts

Linus LH Lee

Data Center Strategy Consultant

Shailesh Namjoshi


Sandeep K

Service Line Leader

IBM Business Resiliency Services experts are here to help you move your business forward

Latest thinking

Business continuity webinars available on demand

Combat the growing threat of disruption and cyber attacks, and explore the value of business continuity management in an always-on world.

Next-generation data center

Your business can’t always wait for IT resources to be manually procured and configured. a software-defined infrastructure can help you respond immediately and adapt dynamically to disruptive change.

Master disaster recovery

Using IT discovery tools during a data center migration can help improve resiliency. Learn what else leading disaster recovery teams do to meet always-on expectations.

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Lefdal Mine Data Center and IBM Services

Lefdal Mine in Norway and IBM are partnering to develop the technical design and independent quality assurance for what can become the largest, most security-rich and flexible green data center in Europe.

Integrated multi-vendor support for the data center

Get single-point-of-contact maintenance for non-IBM servers, storage and networking hardware in your data center.

Software-defined infrastructure

Transform a static infrastructure into a dynamic resource, workload and data-aware environment.