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The ever-increasing pace of technology advances is driving higher business expectations in terms of speed, efficiency and resilience. IBM Application Services provides talented experts to help you meet those challenges.

IBM can provide the capabilities and tools to help you:

  • Deliver new apps
  • Modernize your legacy apps
  • Balance the cost and complexity of your digital transformation

Welcome to Smart Talks

The IBM Services’ roundtable series is dedicated to bringing together tech experts and leaders to discuss major trends in business and technology.

The art of the possible

Jeffrey Hammond, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, discusses the current state of application services called “The New Normal.”

The three zones

Hammond explains the three performance zones of application management today.

Experience-centered design

Forrester analyst, Jeffrey Hammond, talks about experience-centered design.

Co-creating is a requirement

Co-creation, and its importance to application services, is covered by Hammond.

The “outside in” perspective

Hammond focuses in on the “outside in” perspective, as it is used in application services.

Changing leadership roles

 Jeffrey Hammond talks about changing leadership roles within the enterprise.

The struggle with technical debt

Forrester analyst, Jeffrey Hammond, highlights the struggle that enterprises have with technical debt.

The new normal

The art of the possible demonstrated by the born-digital companies has become the new normal for incumbent businesses. To compete, you must embrace multiple performance zones to address challenges and positioning that enable new, modern applications while cost effectively maintaining your legacy base. Continuous transformation to higher speed, flexibility and resilience delivered through people, processes and technology — based on open, smart, scalable, secure and compliant technology —  is critical.

Make the most of your applications

To compete in the new normal, your organization must consider three performance zones: optimize the core, unlock legacy and unleash digital. In every zone, our clients benefit from IBM’s automation and AI technologies, resilient architecture and methods, and cutting-edge talent and culture.

Optimize the core

IBM Application Services can help you cuts costs and maximize efficiency through automation and AI. Our experts can assist you with traditional app dev and maintenance refined with modern tools and approaches. You can maintain the core value, while removing lower-value costs.

Unlock legacy

Develop new capabilities for your legacy apps. Wrap new technology and features around your existing apps to unlock value. Take advantage of new technology in a hybrid model with the potential to fully move to cloud over time.

Unleash digital

Deliver speed and growth using cloud-native, born-digital technologies for customer experience that allow you to innovate faster and support strategic initiatives. You can build new or improved digital experiences.

The benefits

Cut costs and maximize efficiency

Provides intelligent, efficient and secure application management with low total cost of ownership (TCO), using automation tools, cognitive assets and targeted security practices.

Improve flexibility, feedback and user experience

Develop new capabilities for legacy apps; wrap modern technology and approaches around existing apps.

Deliver speed and growth

Increase speed and innovation and reduce maintenance needs; allows for full digital reinvention of applications to drive growth.

Our services

Digital AMS

Digital AMS

Digital technology is in a constant state of transformation, on multiple fronts. Mobile, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Native, SaaS, Automation, Cognitive, Analytics & Big Data and Agile for Maintenance are all changing how application services are purchased and delivered. Digital AMS allows you to address any of these technical areas with full scalability and flexibility.

INSPIRE talent framework

INSPIRE talent framework

ADM-Innovation INSPIRE talent management framework helps you create a future-ready, full-stack workforce adept in agile methods, DevOps and automation ready to help you develop, maintain and modernize applications. Carefully organized learning paths provide clear skill trajectories for virtually all technologies and platforms.

Application IMPACT delivery method

Application IMPACT delivery method

Application IMPACT delivery method from IBM is designed to provide speed, efficiency and an enhanced user experience. These features can be achieved through integrated Design Thinking practices, DevOps, agile methods, automation, Garage models, security-focused coding practices, and state-of-the-art tooling and processes throughout all delivery streams.

IBM Application Innovation Lab

Built on an inimitable foundation, the Application Innovation Lab (AI Lab) is the engine that accelerates our clients’ journey to the future of application services, blending credible expertise with agile processes and IBM expertise.

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*Gartner: Application Modernization Should Be Business-Centric, Continuous and Multiplatform