A journey to SOAR adoption

Learn how one of our customers successfully adopted and implemented IBM Security Resilient®

Organizations face growing security operations challenges

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Threat volume

Sixty-five percent of security practitioners recently surveyed by Ponemon believe the volume and severity of cyberattacks is increasing.¹

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Skill shortages

Seventy-seven percent of organizations have difficulty hiring and retaining IT security professionals skilled in incident response (IR), malware analysis, forensics and threat hunting.¹

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Security incidents can involve many different internal systems, security tools and endpoints, as well as cloud services. This complexity can reduce the efficiency of the incident response team.

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Global regulations on breach reporting

Hundreds of different global regulations require organizations to report data privacy breaches quickly — as little as 72 hours for GDPR. Failure to comply accurately can result in costly fines.

IBM Resilient SOAR Platform helps your organization

Respond with confidence

Respond with confidence

Automate with intelligence

Automate with intelligence

Collaborate with consistency

Collaborate with consistency

Discover Resilient

Privacy breach preparation and response

Learn how to align privacy and security teams to meet breach notification deadlines.

Discover IBM Resilient in action

See common SOAR use cases and learn how to use IBM Resilient for incident response.

How a SOAR incident response platform empowers your team

Develop and maintain IR playbooks

The Resilient platform helps security teams create and manage playbooks that codify industry best practices and internal procedures. These dynamic playbooks allow teams to work through all aspects of the incident, generating a trackable, auditable record.

Automate security incident investigations

Reduce the manual steps in incident response with  orchestration and automation, which can be invoked at any step in the IR process. Analysts benefit significantly from the automation of repeatable, predictable tasks.

Eliminate technology silos

Managing security incidents across different tools and applications is tough. With more than 150 published applications in the IBM AppExchange, including Red Hat’s Ansible, the Resilient platform supports a wide range of security and IT operations use cases.

Help address compliance and privacy notification regulations

Resilient’s global knowledge base of more than 170 privacy reporting regulations helps privacy, legal and security teams collaborate on data breach investigations, reducing the time to identify and respond to regulatory requirements.

Provide a single view of security incidents and KPIs

Gain visibility into all aspects of the security incident lifecycle. Configurable reports and dashboards provide a view of organizational cyber resilience, as well as key performance indicators around response and containment.

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1. Source: Ponemon Institute, The Cyber Resilient Organization, 2019