What if you could turn legacy into legendary?

With the proliferation of cloud platforms promising greater elasticity and savings, many organizations are moving workloads out of existing on-prem data centers. It makes sense if your infrastructure costs are up, utilization is down, and overprovisioning is sideways.

IBM® Turbonomic® Application Resource Management (ARM) can help you reimagine the data center as the next-gen hero of your ecosystem. IBM Turbonomic optimizes your applications’ resourcing levels while dynamically scaling with business demands, automated in real time. You get a more efficient data center and legendary outcomes.

Automating ARM

Continuous compute

Screenshot view of recommendation to move virtual machine

Continuous compute placement

IBM Turbonomic continuously, proactively analyzes the level of app demand and resource supply. It generates automatable actions that reduce the potential for resource congestion, reduce the impact of latency, and safely use all hardware without putting performance at risk.


Screenshot view of recommended action to resize up VMem for virtual machine

VM rightsizing

Safely increase density and avoid resource contention from oversized allocation. When appropriately sizing virtual machines (VMs), IBM Turbonomic considers VM virtual memory, CPU, storage, IOPS and latency as well as demand across the stack to resize up or down the VM.

Continuous storage

Screenshot showing storage volume access, amount and IO throughput

Continuous storage placement

IBM Turbonomic understands the experience each workload gets from storage, and the relationship storage has to the availability and performance of the underlying array. This enables IBM Turbonomic to optimize the storage device by moving data at the virtualization layer without disrupting performance, or forcing a reconfiguration of the array itself.

Capacity management

Screenshot of pending capacity actions for virtual data center

Proactive capacity management

IBM Turbonomic uses an accurate view of the real-time environment to simulate changes you define, such as how much physical infrastructure is needed to support growth or migrate workloads. With continuous optimization and automation in place, you can run any simulation your team can dream up.

Super clusters

Screenshot of recommended plan actions for super cluster

Optimized super clusters

At any given time, your server clusters probably don’t have a balanced amount of free space. To combat that, IBM Turbonomic enables you to create “super clusters,” or virtual pools that unlock the total cumulative resource amount by allowing workloads to move between clusters when demand increases. This delivers more elasticity, better performance and improved cloud economics right in your data center.

Initial placement

Screenshot showing target configurations

Initial placement

When deploying a new application, you need to know which cluster has available capacity and is compliant with all relevant policies. IBM Turbonomic answers all of these with a single API call and automatically executes the placement through your existing orchestration tools. Integrations with workflow or ticketing tooling such as ServiceNow are also supported.


Assure application performance

From initial placement to continuous management, workloads always meet performance and compliance goals. Safely, continuously and reliably.

Put data center on autopilot

Growth is likely happening in the cloud, but hands-free automation can help ensure your data center still plays a key role in operational excellence.

Deliver better outcomes

Automated resourcing and better-performing applications directly improve the customer experience, IT staff productivity and infrastructure savings year after year.


See what IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management can do for you.