Secure partner access to your internal servers

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy helps shield your trusted network by preventing direct connectivity between external partners and internal servers. It can secure your network and data exchanges at the network edge to enable trusted business-to-business transactions and managed file transfer (MFT) file exchanges. As a demilitarized zone (DMZ)-based proxy, Secure Proxy uses multifactor authentication, SSL session breaks, closing of inbound firewall holes, protocol inspection and other controls to ensure the security of your trusted zone.

Screenshot showing various interconnected secure components and processes

Benefits of IBM Sterling Secure Proxy

Data protection

Provides firewall navigation best practices to help ensure perimeter security for enhanced protection of your data and trusted zone.

Full authentication services

Offers multifactor authentication before connection to backend systems, for tighter controls and validation.

Advanced proxy features

Includes proxy support and functions to improve security of edge-based file exchanges.

Dynamic routing

Provides advanced routing to simplify infrastructure changes, saving time and reducing risk during migrations.

Key highlights

  • Demilitarized zone (DMZ) application proxy
  • Firewall navigation best practices
  • Perimeter security
  • Multifactor authentication