Consolidated content, rapid answers

To make the best possible treatment decisions, physicians may turn to search engines or spend hours doing research. Micromedex with Watson provides streamlined access to consolidated drug evidence.

Drug research

Explore treatment options, drug interactions and more

AI-enabled search

Search evidence using natural language for rapid answers

Mobile access

Access drug information using a smartphone or tablet


Streamlined research, EHR integration

Pharmacists have limited time to conduct independent research to identify the best treatments. Micromedex with Watson uses AI to streamline access to the latest, consolidated drug evidence.

Research options

Query contraindications, adverse effects and more

AI-enabled search

Find answers faster than searching multiple sources

EHR integration

Link EHR patient data to pharmacy information


Timely access, within workflows

Ensure safe, effective medication management with point-of-care access to drug administration and dosing content.

AI-enabled search

Get fast answers on administration, dosing and more

EHR integration

Get fast answers without exiting your EHR

Patient education

Leverage content to aid patient education

Specialists in poison information

Quickly research poisoning exposures

Cases involving exposure to poison or toxic substances are typically time sensitive. Micromedex with Watson provides evidence-based content in a fast, highly-searchable format.

Detailed answers

Research toxicity, ingredients, risks and treatments

AI-enabled search

Quickly access the latest drug evidence using natural language

Consolidated search

Find answers faster than using multiple sources