Key Features of the IBM ESS 5000

IBM Spectrum Scale

The performance leader in software-defined storage with the ability to easily scale performance and capacity, IBM Spectrum Scale is the choice of the most demanding compute environments and is optimized for modern AI workloads with small file performance and extremely fast metadata operations.

IBM Spectrum Scale Erasure Coding

Distribute data across nodes and drives for higher durability without the storage overhead of replication. Allow for the rebuild of failed disks in minutes instead of hours compared with traditional RAID. In many cases, recovery can happen in the background while operations continue.

True scale-out capability

IBM Spectrum Scale scales performance and capacity linearly with automatic load balancing. As a parallel file-system it avoids network-attached storage (NAS ) performance bottlenecks, which can choke on the data throughput requirements of clustered computation and GPUs.

Policy-based tiering

ESS 5000 is ideal for data lake storage. Management software provides automatic movement of data between storage tiers including NVMe and spinning disc, tape and cloud, according to user-defined policies.

Integrated and modular

Enables quick deployment of the initial solution and additional blocks of storage as demands increase. ESS 5000 is designed for high availability and balanced to maximize throughput of 55 GB/s per node. Choosing ESS 5000 allows organizations of any size to deploy data lake capacity with simplicity and the ability to grow.

Ease of management

Containerized software delivery means easy software install and upgrade that can be done by IT staff without the need for storage specialists. A powerful management GUI minimizes demands on IT staff time and expertise. ESS 5000 is a perfect data management solution for data lakes for edge applications.

Global sharing and collaboration

Available on IBM solutions, as software, or in the cloud, IBM Spectrum Scale shares data across geographically distributed sites even with unreliable networks, caches data from multiple remote sites, and gains performance similar to local data using Active File Management (AFM).

Integrated & modular

Enable quick deployment of the initial solution and additional blocks of storage as demands increase. IBM ESS5000 is designed for high-availability and balanced to maximize throughput. Choosing ESS5000 avoids the risks and complexity of other options and provides a single source of global support for hardware and software.