Turn insights into action with IBM Business Analytics.


Accelerate data analysis and data-driven business decisions with IBM Business Analytics Enterprise

IBM® Business Analytics Enterprise provides a single entry no-code content hub to discover, personalize and recommend business analytics content among multiple vendors. It's an analytics platform that combines predictive analytics, reporting, data analytics, and data integration capabilities natively out-of-the-box.

Use insights mined from your data sets to adjust organizational plans, budgets, reports and forecasts in real time. Adapt to changing market conditions or customer demand at the speed of business, while ensuring operational activities align to goals and objectives.

Business Analytics Explained

Business Analytics explained (02:47)

Why IBM Business Analytics Enterprise?

Composite dashboards

Compile content assets from multiple business intelligence (BI) vendors into a single, integrated analytics dashboard that is accessible to all users at scale.

Insightful decisions

Make confident business decisions informed by real metrics and insights and take the guesswork out of decision making.

Easy collaboration

Scale and adjust business objectives and plans as you collaborate across your organization without having to reinvent business processes.

IBM Business Analytics Enterprise use cases

Plan, budget and forecast

  • Deliver dynamic, reliable plans, budgets, and forecasts with speed, and pivot as the market changes
  • Analyze historical and current enterprise data and use predictive analytics for insight into the talent pipeline to align staffing needs.
  • Align financial plans with operational plans, linking strategic goals with operational performance and execution.

Business intelligence

  • Clean and connect your enterprise data, create stunning data visualizations, and show where your business is today while predicting what will happen tomorrow.
  • Accelerate data driven decisions with confidence. IBM Cognos® Analytics enables highly governed real time data analytics and interactive insights to turn insight into action.

Consolidate and personalize

  • Consolidate all your analytical content in one place for a personalized experience for all users.
  • Create a no-code composite dashboard with AI-powered recommendations and user search customization. 
  • Explore use cases including new employee training, executive meeting management and 1:1 employee performance tracking.

Key features of IBM Business Analytics Enterprise

The tools you need to turn your data sets into competitive advantage

Discover how enterprise analytics will change the way you work

Integrated planning

Multiple types of data displayed on a dashboard both in charts and graphically

Real-time, continuous, integrated planning

Adjust organizational plans and forecasts in real time. Adapt to changing demands at the speed of business or market events with AI-infused extended planning and analysis. Move beyond spreadsheets with simple, web-based interfaces with managed and governed workflows.

Enterprise reporting

Multiple categories of sales information displayed on a dashboard in bar graphs

Enterprise reporting

Scalable reporting for any enterprise to boost your data analytics culture. Provide the right data, to the right people, at the right time, in the best way possible.

Data discovery

Dashboard displaying data relationships graphically

Data discovery

Explore your data through automated exploration, visualization and interaction to uncover new data-driven insights.


Turning insights into actions

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