What IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS can do

Your business-critical COBOL applications may not be running optimally. Getting the best performance requires updating your program modules to target the latest IBM Z® mainframes, however compiler migration and full source recompilation can be a challenging and time-consuming project.

IBM® Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS® (ABO) uses advanced optimization technology to generate code targeting the latest IBM Z mainframes to improve application performance without the need for recompilation. ABO reduces the CPU usage of your COBOL applications to lower operating costs while maintaining strict compatible functionality of the original modules.

The performance achieved by ABO V2.1 is on-par with Enterprise COBOL V6.3. ABO V2.1 uses Execution-based price metric. This means the price of ABO V2.1 is based on the capacity of the LPAR in which the product runs. This provides you the flexibility to grow capacity as needed. ABO V2.1 generates SMF-89 record to help you manage capacity.


Reduce costs with faster programs

ABO optimized modules perform the same amount of work but consume fewer CPU resources than the original modules, which drives down peak 4HRA, shortens batch windows and lowers overall operating costs.

Team up: ABO and Enterprise COBOL

Accelerate COBOL migration by using the latest version of COBOL for new development, modernization and maintenance, and ABO to improve the performance of the modules without a recompilation plan.

Quickest time to value

ABO requires less test resources compared to compiler migration and recompilation. Quickly deploy ABO optimized applications to realize CPU savings while working on your compiler migration plan.

Current software = faster speed

COBOL applications may not automatically run faster on new IBM Z hardware, which delivers performance with specific hardware features. Stay current with ABO V2.1 and COBOL V6.3 to enable new features.

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