What IBM FlashSystem A9000 can do for your business

IBM FlashSystem® A9000 makes it easy to deploy cloud solutions, so you can gain more value from your data. If your business requires consistent predictable high performance, then FlashSystem A9000 can extend your cloud infrastructure with cost-effective, all-flash storage. This breakthrough solution integrates the market-leading performance of IBM FlashCore® technology, parallel architecture and flash-optimized data reduction in one innovative system, purpose-built for the cloud. Choose FlashSystem A9000 and gain a groundbreaking mix of speed, power and scale-out simplicity.
IBM FlashSystem A9000

Prevent “noisy neighbor” problems

Includes cloud-optimized QoS features and multi-tenancy support. Addresses common cloud management challenges including noisy neighbors and highly variable workloads.

Meet service level agreements

Provides automatic load balancing and even resource utilization. Delivers consistent, extreme performance to meet SLAs for unpredictable, data-intensive workloads.

Apply data-at-rest encryption

Offers centralized key management or local key management to meet your security deployment requirements.

Easily integrate

Provides comprehensive integrated storage services including snapshots and replication. Easily integrates with existing infrastructure, including VMware, OpenStack and Microsoft.

Gain high availability

Delivers greater than five-nines availability, giving you the confidence you require in your infrastructure.

Centralize administration

Streamlines management of more than 100 FlashSystem A9000 or FlashSystem A9000R systems from a single pane of glass. Enables centralized, consolidated administration of multi-petabyte environments.

Key features

  • IBM FlashCore technology
  • All-flash Array High Availability Guarantee
  • Flash-optimized data reduction and efficiency
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Mirroring
  • Simplified, yet full-featured cloud deployments
  • Data-at-rest encryption
  • IBM HyperSwap
  • Highly Scalable
  • Intelligent support
  • Transform CAPEX to OPEX
  • Capacity and performance-optimized configurations
  • Multi-site high-availability and disaster recovery

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