Feature spotlights

Preconfigure build processes

IBM® Rational® Build Forge® offers a web console for centralized user and administration access to provide a consolidated, real-time view of software assembly processes. It works with integrated development environments (IDEs) to give you access to software assembly processes and allows you to work in your preferred environment. Add-on software products include IBM Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere®, IBM Rational Build Forge Quick Report and IBM Rational Build Forge Adaptor Toolkit.

Accelerate productivity

This software provides job process optimization so that jobs are run efficiently by analyzing, sequencing and optimizing job runs. The project configuration snapshots allow you to manage various project configurations and preserve historical process definitions. With multiple scheduling options, you can execute builds at a specific date and time, or you can execute builds perpetually based on source file changes. Parallel execution allows you to run jobs concurrently for faster completion.

Increase team efficiency

This software is compatible with existing scripts, batch files, development tools and processes. It integrates with software configuration management, testing and software change management solutions and includes IBM Installation Manager offering the same installation experience on both Microsoft Windows and UNIX. It provides distributed, multiplatform support that allows you to work across different environments. It has Unicode support for multibyte content to enable international projects.

Simplify compliance management

IBM Rational Build Forge delivers ongoing audit trails through consistent tracking and documentation for compliance management without manual effort. It enables security-rich, controlled user access with role-based security and user authentication (including password encryption). Notification and alerts inform you if someone violates your IT controls. This software tracks and stores comprehensive data on builds, releases and related tasks to provide a detailed bill of materials.

Technical details

Software requirements

Always up-to-date system requirement reports can be dynamically generated using the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.

    Hardware requirements

    There are no hardware requirements for IBM Rational Build Forge.