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Data for Government Health and Human Services Research

Find out how MarketScan Research Databases help researchers understand disease progression, treatment patterns and more.

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IBM MarketScan Research Databases for Payers

Discover how you can use real-world healthcare data to analyze utilization patterns and costs.

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IBM MarketScan Research Databases for Life Sciences Researchers

Find out more about these databases that have some of the largest convenience samples available in proprietary US databases.

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MarketScan Data in Action: Epidemiology Studies

Learn how epidemiologists can describe and monitor the natural history of disease using MarketScan data.

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The Impact of Consumer-Directed Health Plans on Costs, Utilization and Care

Discover how employer and health plan decision-makers can gain key insights on the effectiveness of CDHPs.

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IBM MarketScan Research Databases for Health Services Researchers

Read about the features and uses of MarketScan Research Databases for health services research.

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