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Take insurance policyholder protection to the next level

Explore how IBM® IoT for Insurance can deliver customized protection to increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risk.

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Lessons from the world's leading innovators

Learn from the world's most successful companies how to drive innovation across organizations, cultures and processes.

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Cloudy with a chance of mishap

Discover how weather data can help insurers manage risk and drive client value.

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Understanding customers and risk

Use advanced analytics to gain insights that influence critical decisions to help the policyholder manage risks.

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Capturing hearts, minds and market share

Improve customer retention by building a trusting and lasting relationship with empowered consumers.

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Transform how insurance is done

Make sense out of mass amounts of data to offer differentiated insurance policies and build customer loyalty.

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Digitizing your policyholders

Explore how IBM IoT for Insurance aggregates different data sources and provides analytics.

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The Connected Insurer

See how IBM and The Weather Company combine capabilities to help insurers create actionable insights.

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Use IoT to boost worker safety

Learn how DHL enhances workplace safety using Internet of Things technology.

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