Feature spotlights

Only architecture with CPU:GPU NVLink

Take advantage of the fastest CPU:GPU data transfers made possible through NVIDIA NVLink. POWER is the only CPU architecture with embedded NVLink for accelerated computing –allowing for greater speed, programmability and accessibility of data

Class-leading GPUs: Tesla P100 with NVLink

NVIDIA Tesla P100 with NVLink GPUs deliver the fastest performance on a wide variety of GPU computing applications. Tesla P100 is brings massive parallelism, and incredible memory bandwidth, and the NVLink interface for faster communication

Built with OpenPOWER Foundation ecosystem innovation

Benefit from an ecosystem based on the Power architecture where expertise, ideas and technology is shared to help shape open innovation based on the evolving needs of industry and end users

Better return on investment

Get faster insights and rapid ROI from your cluster with a complete portfolio designed for your HPC workflows.

Customer case study

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Working with IBM Power Systems and OpenPOWER experts to build the High Performance Supercomputer

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