Optimize Customer Experiences in Self-service Banking

IBM ATM and branch services support provides a predictive maintenance solution using advanced analytics to identify potential concerns; we then help you schedule proactive support services to intervene before customer service is disrupted.

  • Prevent downtime with proactive, first-rate service
  • Resolve outages faster if they do occur to better protect your brand
  • Optimize IT and user productivity—and revenue—to enhance business results
  • Support for more than 155,000 ATMs from 11 different manufacturers
  • Protect your brand reputation and help keep your customer base
  • Simplify support to save time, resources and costs

Predictive Maintenance

Advanced analytics and ATM device operations data from IBM Multivendor ATM agent software to identify potential concerns and schedule proactive support services before customer service is disrupted.

Reduced Cost

End-to-end accountability reduces cost by 15% - 30% using standardization, automation and consolidated management for multivendor ATM and branch monitoring and maintenance.

Augmented Remote Assist

Enables higher first-time fix rate and ensures critical problems receive the highest level of support.

ATM and Branch Best Practices

Global insights and experience from maintaining 155K ATMs (80K in managed service environments), of >11 vendors, 5.5 million end users and mobility devices for 1,400+ financial institutions.

eSSAF Multivendor ATM Management

IBM Multivendor ATM software suite extended from IBM eSSAF Multivendor ATM Application for integration of OEM ATM hardware and drivers for financial institutions since year 2000.

Vendor Agnostic Client Focus

IBM uses its global experience supporting multiple OEMs (11 ATMs, more for Branch) to help make and execute the best investments,