Make your mainframe storage more resilient

Mainframe storage solutions with key security capabilities can play a primary role in safeguarding your organization’s systems from today’s pervasive security threats. Get the guide to building an effective cyber resilience strategy utilizing all the latest tricks of the storage trade.

Your trusted mainframe storage foundation for mission critical multicloud environments

Only IBM delivers unique mainframe storage solutions that maximize the benefits of Z environments by providing cloud-native experience, encryption everywhere, cyber resilience, always-on availability and flexible deployment for businesses of all sizes.

IBM Z® + DS8900F + TS7770 — integrated by design

IBM DS8900F and TS7770 are designed to match the mission-critical capabilities of IBM Z and LinuxONE, adding next-level performance, security, and resilience for mission-critical mainframe storage workloads across hybrid multicloud deployments.

the new DS8900F storage product


The storage foundation for mission-critical multicloud environments.

  • Cloud native experience with support for Red Hat OpenShift
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery and cyber resiliency
  • Encryption everywhere — at rest, in flight, and to the cloud
  • Malware and ransomware protection
the new TS7770 storage product

IBM TS7770

Improve storage economics and data security in mission-critical hybrid multicloud environments.

  • Seamless hybrid multicloud integration with "air-gap" protection
  • 100% encryption of all grid data
  • Smaller footprint with lower entry cost option is available
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery for tape


Enterprise cyber resilient storage for Z

Learn how IBM DS8900F and IBM TS7700 transparent cloud tiering (TCT) — in use with IBM Storage Networking b-type — maximize performance and cyber resiliency of IBM Z applications based on a product demonstration and an audit of existing benchmark results.

Resiliency to defend your mainframe storage against cyberattack

IBM DS8000 Safeguard Copy

Continue delivering your business outcomes despite adverse cyber incidents, protecting your data from being modified or deleted due to user errors or ransomware attacks.

IBM Tape Air Gap protection

Tape cartridges are only accessible when mounted in a drive. This “offline by design” defines the “Tape Air Gap” and provides one of the most secure ways to protect and confront cybercrime.

IBM Transparent Cloud Tiering

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX by enabling hybrid cloud as an additional storage tier for data archiving, long term retention, and data protection, with access to extended storage capacity.

IBM Storage Networking b-type

Upgrade your network with Gen-6 to double your performance capacity while serving data faster. Gain deeper visibility for analytics that support better decision making.

Bradesco secure banking

Brazil is changing. Rapid economic development has spurred demand for sophisticated banking and insurance solutions. It has also created the need for a new way of banking, focused on consumers and their needs for always-on, mobile services. Banco Bradesco is poised to meet these needs with an innovative, reliable, and secure platform.

IBM helps make Puerto Rico resilient

After the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico deployed a continuous availability solution — based on IBM Z technology underpinned by IBM storage DS8880 and TS7760 — to ensure that they can maximize uptime and resume operations quickly if disaster strikes.

See what the experts say

IBM has a comprehensive portfolio of cyber resiliency solutions designed to help organizations reduce the risk of business disruption and financial losses due to user errors, malicious destruction or ransomware attacks.

Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC


Cybersecurity vs cyber resiliency

Protect your critical data and revenue streams in spite of cyber-attack. Learn how IBM storage solutions and strategies can help.

The important role for storage in cyber resilience

You need a broad spectrum of features that can be used to build resilient IT operations. Explore the framework for success.

Mainframe servers from IBM

IBM mainframes support your digital transformation and give you the cloud you want, with the privacy and security you need.

IBM Z systems hardware

The IBM Z enterprise platform is designed for mission-critical workloads on hybrid cloud, combining the agility and open innovation of cloud with total security.

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