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Introducing Power10


Why AIX on IBM Power

Enterprises need infrastructure that is secure, highly available and adaptable to meet changing business demands. AIX on Power delivers these capabilities and more with the performance, reliability and security your mission-critical data requires.

App modernization with AIX

Build cloud native apps and co-locate with AIX

Modernize applications quickly and safely using IBM accelerators and tools.

Drive agility in the cloud with AIX

Simplify and accelerate cloud deployment of your AIX apps with an architecture consistent with your on premises environment.

Automate and manage AIX infrastructure as code

Save time and reduce IT costs by accelerating application deployment with Ansible.

Enterprise AI

Streamline insights by running AI inferencing directly in core with AIX 7.3.


Integrating and expanding your existing IT infrastructure into new emerging workloads

Leadership security

The AIX UNIX operating system maintains a strong, long-standing security focus and reputation. Security features include Trusted AIX to easily harden the security settings of the system and Trusted Execution to control the integrity of the system.

Unmatched uptime

Power systems running AIX 7.2 have the lowest percentage of unplanned annual server downtime and best-in-class reliability. This powerful UNIX OS continues to provide game-changing features such as AIX Live Update, which allows you to apply new AIX OS levels without a system restart.

Investment protection

With a 35-year history of innovation, AIX OS continues to deliver on its robust roadmap with every release. The long-standing AIX focus on binary compatibility allows applications to run unchanged and without recompilation on the newest releases—guaranteed.

IBM AIX latest versions

New! AIX 7.3

Enterprises need infrastructure that improves performance and security with class-leading reliability to provide faster response to business demands, data protection from core to cloud, and streamlined insights and automation. AIX® on Power delivers these capabilities and more. Get your IT environment hybrid cloud ready with AIX on Power.

AIX 7.2

Innovation for enterprise UNIX. Less downtime, more reliability. AIX 7.2 on POWER helps you stay available and secure with breakthrough features like Live Updates. Apply new OS levels without disruption, increase your uptime and deliver superior performance.

AIX 7.1

A proven investment. Grow your IT infrastructure and manage changing workloads using AIX 7.1. With enhanced virtualization capabilities and Power technology, you can enjoy tremendous vertical scalability with industry-leading efficiency.

Featured software and tools

AIX expansion pack

Extends the base operating system capabilities and is included with every new order when media is selected.

AIX web download pack

Offers additional applications and tools available for download. (Requires login to

Open source package repository for AIX

The AIX Toolbox for Open Source Software provides access to the most common open source packages including per-requisite technologies such as Python and dnf for solutions like Ansible Automation Platform.

Compilers for AIX

Take advantage of a 60-day no-cost trial for any of these advanced compilers for AIX and IBM Power.

Software from Business Partners

Find more than 160 validated solutions to help you make the most of your investment in IBM Power.

¹IBM Power helps deliver a frictionless experience in extending mission-critical workloads across hybrid cloud, without requiring additional middleware or application refactoring.