Hybrid cloud meets mission-critical

While the Cloud brings the promise of flexibility, agility and openness, only 20% of workloads have been moved to cloud. Why? Companies need assurance that their data privacy and security will not be breached.

By integrating the new IBM LinuxONE III as a key element in your hybrid cloud strategy, you add next-level security and stability to your cloud infrastructure, giving you both agile deployment and ultimate uptime.

LinuxONE brings the best of all worlds to your business

Why LinuxONE for your hybrid cloud strategy

Cloud native development

Decrease time to market when you build, deploy and manage new cloud-native apps faster using containers and Kubernetes on LinuxONE.

Ultimate uptime

Erase worry with an enterprise platform designed for 99.999% availability. Scale workloads both vertically and horizontally.

Encryption everywhere

Rely on advanced security beyond LinuxONE with Data Privacy Passports. Protect 100% of your data at rest and in-flight.

Meet LinuxONE, the new standard for data privacy and security



Bring your cloud adoption to the next level with the ultimate uptime, hyper security, and agile deployment.

LinuxONE Rockhopper II

LinuxONE Rockhopper II

The entry Linux server in the LinuxONE family offers many of the LinuxONE III’s capabilities, sized to fit any cloud data center—from a startup to an established bank.

Deloitte drives secure technological innovation with LinuxONE

The high-speed hardware encryption capabilities [of LinuxONE] will enable companies to meet the stringent security measures of numerous heavily regulated industries, without any loss in performance.

Robert Miller, senior manager, Deloitte

Discover how Deloitte uses LinuxONE technology to help their clients optimize data centers while controlling costs.

IBM LinuxONE is hiring

At IBM, work is more than a job - it's a calling: To build. To design.

To think along with clients. To invent.

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The Plastic Bank

Startup uses blockchain on LinuxONE to help alleviate poverty.

Huaxia Express

Ticketing system replaces 4,000 x86 servers with one IBM LinuxONE.

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1. Solitaire Interglobal Ltd., Scaling the Digital Mountain