Maximize your blockchain technology investment

Blockchain technology enables open, global commerce. However, to get the most out of it, you need a platform with the highest security and reliability — a blockchain server that scales your digital asset solutions as your business grows.

Why run blockchain technology on LinuxONE?

Fully protect and manage Digital Asset transactions

Encrypt 100% of your application, database and cloud service data, at rest or in-flight.

Performance at scale

Exploit up to 190 cores, 40 TB memory, and 85 EAL5+ logical partitions.

Efficient collaboration

Benefit from open source collaboration to accelerate real-time exchanges, even in regulated environments.

Meet the IBM Blockchain Platform

By running IBM Blockchain Platform on LinuxONE on-premises, businesses can hold data locally to meet industry regulations and corporate requirements, while achieving advanced security, scalability and performance.

Converting new resources with blockchain-backed technology

Newlight has developed a technology that uses greenhouse gas to produce high-performance biomaterials. In partnership with IBM Business Partner Cognition Foundry, Newlight harnessed blockchain technology to ensure that every step in its process and its overall environmental impact can be independently tracked, audited, and communicated to consumers.

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