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How it’s used



Create virtual server instances with your choice of Intel x86 processor architecture. A network orchestration layer eliminates the pod boundary of virtual server instances for highly scalable capacity. Profiles help deployment.



Push far more data in far less time. Get fast provisioning and fast network speeds. You can create multiple VPCs in multizone regions (MZRs) available globally, and can create subnets in different zones.



Security is integrated into IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC at the instance level, at the storage level and at the subnet level. You can use security groups, network access control lists (ACLs) or both.



When you provision an instance, a 100 GB general-purpose IOPS (3 IOPS/GB) block storage volume is created automatically as a primary boot volume and attached to the instance.

Product features

Agility with private-cloud security

Security-rich functionality

Employ highly available private virtual networks.

MZR and availability zones

Use resiliency support for colleagues and customers.

VPC subnets

Take advantage of security-rich availability and latency reduction.

Bring-your-own IP

Strengthen security and privacy with bring-your-own IP.

Flow logs

Collect valuable information about IP traffic.

Rapid scaling

Scale your environment for your customers' needs.