Tap into the power of containers

With Red Hat Linux containers, you get the speed of cloud-native development with the enterprise security and stability that your business needs. Move your applications anywhere, from development to production, while remaining fully functional and secure.

Reduce IT spend and drive innovation with IBM and Red Hat

Forrester interviewed five organizations to evaluate the business impact of possible use cases that combine IBM and Red Hat offerings together. Learn about the potential cost savings and business benefits enabled by IBM and Red Hat including:

  • Up to 44% decreased hardware costs
  • Up to 30% increased resource utilization
  • Up to 66% accelerated development cycles

IBM’s hybrid multicloud platform

Select the best architecture and approach to address the unique application, data and workload requirements for your business. IBM’s hybrid multicloud platform is based on open technologies, such as Linux and Kubernetes, that allow you to securely deploy, run and manage your data and applications on the cloud of your choice — without the risk of being locked in.

Depiction of how IBM Cloud and Red Hat will provide flexibility and choice in running and managing your data and apps


Central to the platform is an infrastructure — independent common operating environment that runs anywhere — from any data center to multiple clouds to the edge.

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

Use Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud™ in public and hybrid environments for improved velocity, market responsiveness, scalability and reliability.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

An open source operating system that lets you scale existing apps — and roll out emerging technologies — across all types of cloud and on-premises environments.


IBM Cloud Paks give you a faster, more secure way to move your core business applications to any cloud through enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions.

IBM Cloud Paks overview

Blend both open source middleware and trusted proven enterprise-grade middleware together for the best of both worlds.

IBM Cloud Pak™ for Applications

Modernize, build, deploy and run your applications, reducing development time by up to 84 percent.¹

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Simplify and automate how your organization delivers insights from all your data.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Integrate your applications, data, cloud services and APIs, eliminating 65 percent of integration costs.²

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

Transform your business processes, decisions and content, reducing manual processes by up to 80 percent.³

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Get multicloud visibility, governance and automation, reducing operational expenses by up to 75 percent.⁴


Choose any cloud infrastructure, on or off premises, and seamlessly manage across multiple clouds.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions

Seamlessly and securely connect your data and workloads between on-premises systems and your private or hybrid multicloud environments.

IBM Storage for Red Hat OpenShift

Work with an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid multicloud deployments.

Data privacy and security for hybrid cloud

See how the new IBM enterprise systems extend privacy and security across hybrid multicloud.


Work with experts to help you craft an effective cloud strategy to realize your business objectives.

IBM Services for cloud

Transform and scale your business with one of the world’s largest teams of Red Hat-certified consultants and practitioners to advise, move, build and manage clients’ workloads to hybrid multicloud environments.


Innovate with speed and agility — with the support of a vast open ecosystem of passionate developers and partners.

Why IBM and Red Hat

By combining the power and flexibility of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technologies with the scale and depth of IBM’s innovation and industry expertise, you now have access to the tools and talent you need to accelerate your cloud journey.

IBM is committed to preserving Red Hat’s independence, neutrality, culture and industry partnerships to give customers and partners freedom, choice and flexibility — and Red Hat’s unwavering commitment to open source will remain unchanged.

Read Arvind Krishna and Paul Cormier’s blog post about what this means for the industry.

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