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Develop a Kubernetes app toolchain

With this toolchain, you can securely develop and deploy an app to a Kubernetes cluster that is managed by the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. By default, the toolchain uses a sample Node.js "Hello World" app, but if you prefer, you can link to your own repository in Git Repos and Issue Tracking. The toolchain is preconfigured for continuous delivery with Vulnerability Advisor, source control, issue tracking and online editing.

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Diagram showing development of a Kubernetes app toolchain

Deep learning with TensorFlow on a Kubernetes cluster

Learn how to build your own data set and train a model for image classification. The models are available in TensorFlow and are run on a Kubernetes cluster. The demo code pulls data and labels from The Metropolitan Museum of Art website and Google BigQuery. The IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service provides the Kubernetes cluster. Modify the code to build different image data sets and select from a collection of public models, such as Inception, VGG, ResNet, AlexNet and MobileNet.

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Diagram showing how to use deep learning models in Tensorflow and run them on a Kubernetes cluster

Use Node.js and AI to create a single-node chatbot on Kubernetes

This journey shows how to create an online pizza order for a chatbot using a single node for input. After implementing this code, you will have the knowledge to create your own Watson Conversation Slots.

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Diagram showing how to create an online pizza order chatbot on Kubernetes

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