What is API lifecycle management?

API lifecycle management capabilities allow you to more securely and successfully expose, manage, share and monetize APIs across clouds — powering digital applications and spurring innovation. IBM API Connect enables you to centrally manage your APIs across multicloud deployments. It holds 22 percent of market share, more than any other competitor.¹

Named a market leader by Forrester Wave 2018 →


Hardened security policies

Secure, control and mediate your APIs through a variety of standards and policies (OAuth, TLS, LDAP). Rate-limit to protect backend meltdown. Rapid map and transform data (XML to JSON).

API product management

Promote APIs along the lifecycle — plan, design and develop, then test, deploy and retire — and bundle APIs into products with an intuitive management console.

Award-winning self-service portal²

Engage internal and external API consumers with a fully customizable company-branded portal and socialization tools like subscriptions, blogs and forums to drive API discovery and monetization.

No-code API testing

Save time with automated testing to validate API behavior through visual composer. Monitor API health, share test results and get alerted to issues before they affect customers.

API acceleration toolkit

Create language-independent APIs backed by industry standard OpenAPI definitions. Use command-line tools to integrate into your DevOps pipeline.

High-performance cloud-scale

Microservices-based cloud-native architecture can seamlessly scale to meet your SLAs. Optimized with high performance for your API workloads. Run everywhere — on premises, on cloud or hybrid.


Deploy a multi-cloud API lifecycle management solution

When you have global API customers, it's critical to be able to deploy a highly available multi-region and multicloud API management solution. In this demo, you'll see several API topologies and begin to understand how to set up your own topology in the cloud management console.


“With IBM API Connect [lifecycle management capabilities], we can get new features to market up to four times faster.”

– Eric Barault, co-founder and technical director, Carbip

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¹ IDC Worldwide Integration Middleware and API Management Software Market Shares, 2017: Business Is Booming Including License Revenue, July 2018.

² IBM won a 2019 iF Design Award in the Communications — Software Application category for IBM API Connect; https://developer.ibm.com/apiconnect/2019/03/05/ibm-api-connect-wins-2019-if-design-award/