Start with our advanced VS Code extension

Unlock the most value from IBM Blockchain Platform with our Visual Studio (VS) Code extension: create, test and debug smart contracts, connect to Hyperledger Fabric environments, and quickly build for your IBM Blockchain Platform instance.

The power of blockchain is in your hands

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Smooth blockchain development experience

Easily integrate smart contract development and network management. Development, testing, and production are all in a single environment.

To learn more about the capabilities of the IBM Blockchain Platform, download our comprehensive technical brief.

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Powerful end-to-end developer capabilities

Use our integrated environment to write, test, debug, and package smart contracts locally, for deployment, and to write client applications.

Learn how to handle business-to-business transactions while maintaining privacy and confidentiality with this O’Reilly ebook on blockchain design and development.

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Samples and tutorials get you up to speed quickly

Build a kick-starter blockchain network and start coding with IBM’s industry-leading blockchain platform.

With the Blockchain 101 tutorial: Quick-start guide for developers, you can spin up a network based on the latest open source Hyperledger Fabric framework or build it manually.

Blockchain interoperability with Hedera Consensus Service

Leverage multiple blockchains

Working together, IBM Blockchain Platform and the Hedera Consensus Service are increasing interoperability, with the latter providing public consensus while a private blockchain network is based on Hyperledger Fabric. Hear experts discuss how various industries can benefit, and access a technical preview document showing how the two separate offerings work together.

Build on the leading blockchain platform

Try the IBM Blockchain Platform free for 30 days using Red Hat® OpenShift®. Includes full functionality for developing, operating, and governing a blockchain network.

Note: Red Hat OpenShift is not included with purchase of IBM Blockchain Platform.

Operate and govern networks with total control

Deploy only the blockchain components you need using a redesigned console that lets you manage network components in one place, no matter where they are deployed.

Deploy on the cloud of your choice using Red Hat® OpenShift®

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Connect to nodes running in any environment (on-premises, public, hybrid clouds). Easily connect a single peer to multiple industry networks.

IBM Blockchain Platform: Weekly User Series

See the IBM Blockchain webinars (link resides outside IBM)

Enjoy a dozen webinars with product and technical experts as they share their expertise on specific features, functions and capabilities of the IBM Blockchain Platform.

What will we solve together?

Join hundreds of businesses producing new value, re-writing the rules of their industry and changing the way the world works together.