Financial consolidation software

Accelerate, automate and centralize the financial close, consolidation and reporting process

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Financial consolidation software for a simplified financial close

The financial consolidation process is often time-consuming, complex and chaotic because of last-minute adjustments. In spite of these challenges, finance professionals are under constant pressure to meet strict deadlines, report on more data in less time and meet ever-evolving regulatory compliance standards.

Finance teams require a robust financial consolidation and reporting solution to help them meet increasing demands and provide centralized control and management over the financial-close process. With robust automation, built-in internal controls, and GAAP and IFRS support, providing certified financial information is simple.


Accelerate your close

Trim days off your monthly close process by automating data collection, data entry and time-consuming consolidation and accounting procedures.

Increase transparency

Know where your entities are throughout the close process. See who has processed their consolidations or completed inter-company eliminations.

Meet auditor demands

Improve your financial data integrity with detailed audit trails, track data flow throughout the consolidation process and maintain accountability.

Minimize IT dependency

Embrace a self-service finance-owned and managed solution with real-time data updates and the flexibility to define and maintain rules and processes.


Integrated financial consolidation software

IBM Cognos Controller offers a full suite of capabilities that deliver a comprehensive portfolio of financial results and provides an integrated platform for financial reporting.


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Case studies

DOMINION evolves its consolidation process DOMINION implemented IBM Cognos Controller software to modernize its consolidation process. Finance teams can now offer reliable, consolidated data that improves decision making. Read the case study

Laura Ashley reduces consolidation time  Laura Ashley, Inc., used IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Controller to accelerate financial consolidation processes and streamline management insight and statutory report delivery. Read the case study

The Minit Group moved to a new version of IBM Cognos Controller to take advantage of enhanced functionality and to drive more efficient month-end and annual reporting. Read the case study

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