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Why employ data governance solutions?

Data governance solutions and tools provide understanding, security and trust around an organization’s data. As companies scale and accumulate more data sources and assets, they must determine the appropriate big data environments for storage and access purposes. They need architecture to govern sources, integrate them and make them available across an organization. Data integration becomes increasingly important as it impacts the workflows and decision-making of various teams.

Employ data governance tools to your overall strategy for data management and as part of a complete DataOps practice. Data governance solutions help you understand what data you have, where that data resides and how it can be used.

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Benefits of data governance tools Achieve deeper insights while protecting data with strong data governance practices. Better data security and compliance

With the rise of data-driven marketing and remote work, compliance regulations are increasingly prevalent. Use data governance to promote security and compliance, and reduce the risk of breaches and fines.

Improved data quality

Business intelligence tools are only as good as the data that feeds them. Data governance helps connect information across systems and identify meaningful relationships to get the most out of an organization’s data.

Faster automation

Data governance practice helps ensure accurate and protected customer data. As a result, analytics teams can innovate and automate specific tasks with machine learning algorithms, achieving greater growth and more targeted selling.

Featured solution

Simplify data governance and maintain privacy

Create a trusted, business-ready data foundation. Automate with IBM Cloud Pak® for Data to optimize data trust, protection and compliance with active, end-to-end policy management.

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Case studies

Data governance case studies See data governance solutions in action. From global financial institutions to trusted insurers, read real-world examples of how IBM data governance tools can change the way organizations do business. CZ keeps client data safe

Using IBM tools, insurer CZ created masked, privacy-protected subsets of its production data, empowering testers to deliver high-quality software while keeping clients’ data secure.

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Danske Bank brings teams together

By implementing data governance and privacy, Denmark’s largest bank inputs and stores data more effectively, all while maintaining rigorous compliance standards.

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ING realizes a data fabric vision

With IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, banking giant ING improves data governance and user access in a hybrid cloud environment.

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Intelligently automate data and AI: Discover the next generation of IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.

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