Bring IBM SPSS Statistics to the campus

IBM SPSS® Statistics campus edition is a cost-effective way to provide academic institutions unlimited use of SPSS for teaching and learning purposes. A single license provides an unlimited number of users with access to IBM SPSS Statistics for an entire campus and simplifies licensing administration. Campus edition makes it easy for colleges and universities to meet the data science needs of students, faculty and researchers.

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IBM SPSS Statistics campus edition licensing details

Unlimited access to authorized users and streamlined software delivery and administration for flexibility and scalability.

IBM SPSS Statistics on Cloud

Run SPSS Statistics on a fully managed hosting environment on IBM Cloud. Learn about IBM Cloud for Education Applications Lab.

SPSS Statistics webinar

Empower your educational institution to make the best decision every time with the help of SPSS Statistics.

Knowledge brief: How advanced statistical analytics can benefit academia

This brief highlights the benefits academic institutions achieve by incorporating advanced analytics into their activities.

Watch the SPSS Statistics Tech Talk series to accelerate research and data analysis

Why choose a campus edition?

Prepare for a career after school

SPSS Statistics is a leading statistics package in the business world. Learning it now prepares your students for real-world work.

Simplified licensing, simplified admin

With riders custom-tailored to provide flexibility to meet the dynamic needs of the academic environment, you can worry less about licensing issues and concentrate more on teaching.

Unlimited access, no lockouts

Unlimited access means an end to named user licenses, tracking concurrent usage and user lockout.