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Simplify entering and storing data

IBM Cloud File Storage for VPC provides secure, persistent, cloud NFSv4.1 file storage. This data storage service allows you to create Zonal File Shares for IBM Cloud Virtual Servers on Virtual Private Cloud instances. Get total control and help minimize costs with flash-backed architecture. Create file shares from 10 GB to 32,000 GB—and provision it all with a variety of flexible options.

Ease your file storage process Flexible customization

Customize your file share capacity and number of IOPS based on your workload demands, then increase capacity and adjust IOPS on the fly without having to provision new file shares.


Avoid data loss during maintenance or failures without creating system-level RAID arrays.

Global footprint

File shares are provisioned alongside your cloud servers in data centers around the world.

Encryption for data-at-rest

Protect your data with provider-managed encryption for data at rest at no additional charge. For more control, bring your own root keys to the cloud or have an IBM key management service generate them for you. Root keys encrypt the file share using envelope encryption, a process that encrypts a key with another key. This offers you greater security. Supported key management services are Key Protect and Hyper Protect Crypto Services (HPCS).

Encryption for data-in-flight

You can establish an encrypted mount connection between the virtual server instance and storage system by using the Internet Security Protocol (IPsec) security profile and X.509 certificates. By enabling encryption in transit, you create secure end-to-end encryption for your data.


File shares are exposed to authorized devices over routed TCP/IP connections for resiliency. Redundant network architecture (multiple network paths) and redundant storage (high availability pairs) assure file shares tolerate service interruption to a part of the infrastructure while maintaining service availability.

Flash-backed storage

File storage is flash-backed for faster performance.

Flexible billing

Choose to pay for your storage on either an hourly or monthly basis.

Ease your file storage process Endurance provisioning

Support most workloads and various application needs at your desired level with simple, predefined, per-gigabyte pricing tiers up to 48,000 IOPS.

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Performance provisioning

Manage rapid data changes and well-defined performance requirements. Control both storage capacity and total number of IOPS per storage volume.

Expandable volumes and adjustable IOPS

Increase or decrease your IOPS and expand existing volumes to meet dynamic workload demands. Pay only for what you need, when you need it.


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Snapshots and replication

Capture point-in-time snapshots and replicate them to other data centers for business continuity.


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Volume duplication

Create a new, independent volume from a snapshot. Increase the size and performance for a new volume and immediately manage like other volumes.

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Data at rest encryption

Provider-managed encryption at rest by default protects your data at no additional cost or impact to performance.

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Concurrent access

Mount block devices for high availability and durability while clustering configurations. Avoid data loss during maintenance or failures.

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Data center availability

Implement flash-backed storage, encryption for data at rest, snapshots and replication, volume duplication, expandable volumes and adjustable IOPS.

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