Enable deeper, more relevant user engagement and create tremendous opportunities for business growth by taking a new approach to strategic mobile initiatives. Getting started – or sprinting further ahead – with mobile doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be radically simple, fast, and low risk with help from IBM and Bluemix.


of IT leaders with a well-defined mobile strategy achieve ROI in 12 months or less


of mobile technology leaders partner with external IT firms to help manage their mobile environment

Start with a solid strategy for exceptional mobile results

More than half of companies lack a defined mobile strategy. Without a clear plan in place, organizations face a mounting backlog of mobile apps and missed opportunities with employees and customers. Overcome common challenges, exceed user expectations, and accelerate ROI with an integrated strategy that aligns mobile projects with your key corporate objectives. With 17,000+ dedicated IBM mobility experts and over 5,000 prior mobile engagements, we can help you chart a clear path to value.

Cut the complexity out of mobile management and security

Between the growing number of devices accessing your corporate network and a myriad of unknowns around shadow IT, delivering better BYOD can be a security and IT productivity nightmare. IBM MaaS360 enables your IT team to easily – and often automatically – safeguard and manage devices, apps and content.

Want to outsource enterprise mobility management (EMM) altogether? With more than 5.5 million devices already under management, we can help you lighten your EMM load.


more revenue is generated by a great mobile app vs one that’s just “good enough”

Deliver superior mobile apps at agile speed

Demand for mobile apps and services is growing nearly five times faster than most IT departments’ ability to deliver (Source: Gartner). IBM MobileFirst Foundation supports DevOps with a simple, scalable, mobile application development platform − deployable on premises or in the cloud on IBM Bluemix. It integrates with popular dev tools, connects to essential backend services, and is built on hybrid cloud technology. With Bluemix, your developers get all the tools and services to jumpstart app development without a steep learning curve. With access to APIs that connect and cognitive capabilities that analyze, Bluemix enables your team to create the next killer app and run it, supported by the reliable IBM Cloud.

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